Focus of Research


Our ongoing research:

  1. Magnetic for Monitoring Prospect of DiengGeothermal Area
  2. Briquette electric stove: Appropriate Technology Innovation in EnterproseOptimizing the Use of Briquette as Alternative Energy Renewable
  3. Preliminary Study on The Location Selection of Microalgae Cultivation in Nusa Tenggara Region as a Potential Feedstock for Bioavtur
  4. Improved Technologyā€¯ for Sludge Handling danWater Technology
  5. Cost-Benefit Analysis of Various Remediation Techniques of Produced Water Oil and Gas Industry Activities
  6. Diversification Policy Analysis of Energy Substitution from Fuel to Gas Fuel for Indonesian Transportation
  7. AnalysingPotential Waste of Corn Stalk and CorbCob as an Alternatives Renewable Energy to Support Achievement of Mixed Energy for Achieving National Energy Security
  8. Development of Fuel Cell Technology for National Electricity in order to Improve National Energy Security